The Footer is composed of:

<div id="footer">
	<ul id="secondarymenu"></ul>
	<div id="kigomenu"></div>
	<div id="linksmenu"></div>

Secondary menu

It is similar to the Primary menu so you can refer to it.

<ul id="secondarymenu">
<li id="secondarymenu-1" class="e-1 odd first">
<a href="/properties" title="Properties"><span>Properties</
<li id="secondarymenu-2" class="e-2 even middle">
<a href="/inquiry" title="Inquiry"><span>Inquiry</span></a>
<li id="secondarymenu-3" class="e-3 odd last">
<a href="/contact" title="Contact"><span>Contact</span></a>

Kigo menu

Because we all want to share our love of Kigo by adding a link to Kigo’s website:

<div id="kigomenu">
	<ul id="kigo_messages">
		<li id="kigo_messages-1" class="e-1 odd single">
		<a title="Kigo Vacation Rental Software and Websites" 
		href="" onclick="''); return 
		false;"><span>Vacation Rental Websites by Kigo</span></a>

Links menu

When Primary and Secondary menu are mainly a list of links of Kigo pages, the Links menu is essentially external links added in the CMS:

<div id="linksmenu">
	<ul id="links_list">
		<li id="links_list-1" class="e-1 odd first">
		<a href="#" title="#"><span>Facebook</span></a>
		<li id="links_list-2" class="e-2 even last">
		<a href="#" title="#"><span>Twitter</span></a>